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This project should contain helpful information about Philippine laws and legal system -- always subject to the Legal Wiki:Disclaimer. There are a number of helpful legal resources online, a fact which makes the work on this project less difficult. The challenge is to sift through these legal information and create a reader-friendly database for the lawyers and laypersons alike.

The Legal Wiki project is a component of It is a pilot project to test the possibility of a collaborative database on Philippine laws and legal system. While a "wiki" is a collaborative website that generally allows anyone to contribute or modify content, the Legal Wiki is currently open only to a select group of volunteers to maintain a certain degree of integrity in its contents. We shall revisit this policy in due time.

This site has just started and is far from complete, although you could now read some entries (see Special:Allpages). This may take a while because this project is supported entirely by volunteers, without funding, so please bear with us. To start posting, see Help:Contents., a private initiative, is currently in beta phase, which means that we are still testing how things work and how to make them better. In the meantime, you could check the Law Library. proceed to join the discussions at the main page.